How to know he is no longer interested in the relationship



How to know if he is not interested anymore is something very confusing to understand and do you know why? it’s because people are different. The story of your friend’s man might not be the same story as your man, yes, of course, you read right. The human mind is not static but dynamic and this is something you should take note of. The worst feeling ever is your man leaving you in the relationship while you think you are still in a relationship, it’s really heartbreaking. For you to come here to check this article out, your love must have been going on well till you started to notice some changes then you decided to check this out. Well, you are in the right place, check below to see the signs.

Signs he isn’t interested in you anymore

1. You are the only one making effort for the relationship

This is something important to look out for, when someone isn’t interested anymore they tend to make less effort to connect. Firstly, check his body language at the beginning of the relationship, if he was making efforts to hang out with you or connect with you but now he doesn’t, then that’s the red flag coming. When you know within you if you don’t call or send some texts he probably won’t call or text you, even if he replies when you do but doesn’t start on his own, then that’s a big sign he isn’t interested anymore.

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2. No sign of jealousy

When you talk about other guys and he doesn’t react or feel jealous then that’s a huge sign he isn’t interested anymore. It’s natural for someone to be jealous in relationships am not talking about being overprotective but natural jealousy.  Men in nature are competitive and really jealous of their woman so if that is lacking then he isn’t interested in you as he used to.

3. Hiding his phone from you

This goes along with cheating which also involves not being interested in you. When your man starts hiding their phone which includes text and calls they want to answer from you then you need to be careful of the relationship you are into. Some investigations need to be made by you or if it means confronting him then you have to.

4. No more respect

When a man is in love with a woman they respect that woman. If he no longer respects you it means a lot and at that point, you need to find out why. What do I mean by losing respect for you? he no longer sees as someone that’s of his standard or worth spending time with. For this particular point, you need to end the relationship because it might lead to physical abuse soon.

5. No future plans

Being in a relationship without a future is useless. The essence of any relationship is to settle down together in the future and that is lacking then it isn’t a relationship. If your man doesn’t have any future plans for that or doesn’t even talk about it then it’s a sign he’s not interested in you. To be precise if he gets upset when you raise the future talks up then it’s a big sign.

6. Not happy around you

When a man starts to be restless when you are around and doesn’t feel happy then he no longer enjoys your company. People love to spend time with those they love and they do anything to achieve this. When the opposite of this starts to occur then it’s time to pull the plug to know where you’re heading to with him.

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