How to cancel or deactivate caller tunes on Mtn South Africa

cancel mtn caller tune

cancel mtn caller tune

How to cancel caller tunes on Mtn south Africa is simple. Mtn is one of the top networks in South Africa. With a large number of customers which keeps increasing daily, no doubt some people experience will be the best while others will feel bad. Yes, not everyone will be happy with Mtn especially the aspect of the annoying Caller tune that we might not be aware of how it was activated. This makes your credit being taken from time to time for what you don’t need. We are here to teach you how to cancel it as we usually do.

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How to deactivate caller tunes on Mtn South Africa

  1. Dial *123*10# on your phone and follow the instructions OR
  2. Simply send ‘STOP’ or ‘OPT OUT’ to 083 930 0639.

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