How to turn Pinterest to dark mode

How to turn Pinterest to dark mode

In this article, I will teach you how to turn Pinterest into dark mode. Most of us prefer to use dark mode than the usual default settings from the app or software. It’s a great feature, especially at night or if you’re not a fan of the usual Pinterest white color. Before we begin, please bear in mind that the dark mode settings don’t work on their website but only for mobile apps. We will be looking at the two giant operating systems which are Android and iOS.

The Pinterest app doesn’t have this feature, it’s more of your device settings. Let’s get started on how this is done.

How to turn Pinterest to dark mode

Android Users 

  1. Simply go to your device’s Settings
  2. Tap on Display
  3. Then Turn off Dark Theme.
    For older versions of Android
  4. Swipe down from the top of your device’s screen
  5. Tap Battery Saver

iOS Users 

  1. All you have to do us to go to your device’s Settings
  2. Then tap Display & Brightness
  3. Select Dark to turn on dark mode.

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