How to transfer from T-Mobile to AT&T

How to transfer from T-Mobile to AT&T

How to transfer from T-Mobile to AT&T

In this course, I will teach you how to transfer from T-Mobile to AT&T. First, remember that there are two networks involved, so we will show you how T-Mobile allows you to leave their network, and how AT&T accepts new intakes to their networks.

What to Know and do before you transfer your numberĀ 

  • Know if you’re eligible to do such.
  • Make sure you’re not owing T-Mobile
  • Ask them about the possibility of keeping your old number, this process is known as porting

Requirements for transferring to AT&T

  • Ensure you have your Social Security number or the name associated with your current cell plan.
  • Keep your current account number and the PIN or password if it’s needed.
  • AT&T will need specific information from your T-Mobile account to initiate the porting process. This information includes your T-Mobile account number, the account holder’s name, and the billing address.

How to transfer from T-Mobile to AT&TĀ 

  • Don’t cancel your service yet with T-Mobile because it will disrupt the transfer process.
  • First contact AT&T to inform them of your decision, you will likely have their new sim that you bought.
  • Visit AT&T website and check for the best mobile plan you want to subscribe to.
  • Now head over to AT&T using the link provided.
  • Click on Check Eligibility to confirm if you’re eligible.
  • If you’re eligible, you don’t need to call T-Mobile customer care, all you need to do is inform AT&T that you wish to port to their network.
  • Add your current number to check if it’s eligible for transfer.
  • When you’re done filling out the form, click on Keep My Number on the AT&T website during the checkout.
  • Verify and add your carrier information. Be sure to enter it correctly so the request can be processed.
  • Wait for the porting to complete.
  • Insert your new AT&T sim to check if the number have been transferred.

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