How to open an Absa bank account online

how to open absa bank account online

Did you know you can completely open an Absa bank account online? Yes, you can open a bank account completely online, without ever going into a bank branch. In addition to account opening, you can also do all your account management online.

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Absa has introduced a quick, simple and convenient end-to-end account opening for new customers, through the Absa Banking App, it is now easier to open an account. This innovation follows the launch of the world first ChatBanking on WhatsApp service and is another innovative way Absa is fast becoming a digitally-led bank, that is centered around the ever-changing needs of customers.

This new capability not only enhances the customer’s digital experience, but also brings the digital experiences to the branch environment making it easier for customers to join and bank Absa bank regardless of location.

Although account opening can be done online, there are still certain requirements needed. To ensure complete documentation of the account.

Requirements For Absa Account Opening

  1. You must earn a minimum basic salary of Rs8000 per month.
  2. You must have a minimum opening balance of Rs8000.

How to Open an Absa Bank Account Online

  1. Download the Absa App on your Android or IOS device.
  2. Choose the type of account you would like to open.
  3. Give details of yourself and info.
  4. Verify your cell phone number.
  5. Take a selfie for facial matching with the Department of Home Affairs to confirm you are who you say you are
  6. Input your address.
  7. Give a detailed information about your work and income.
  8. Click Apply.



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