How to Activate Lucky Mobile Sim Card

how to activate lucky mobile sim card

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Your new Lucky sim card is probably not working because you have not activated it. If you recently purchased a sim card, the first thing to do to activate your Lucky Mobile SIM card to get it functional. Carefully go through the article to find ways to fix errors associated with your Lucky Mobile sim card.

Founded in December 2017, Lucky Mobile is a Canadian prepaid mobile virtual network operator and a subsidiary of Bell Canada alongside fellow subsidiary Virgin Plus.

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If you have already activated your SIM and it’s still not functional then you may need to contact customer service. You can also fix the sim error by restarting your phone. If you are only having issues with data, you may need to update your APN settings. If you have just recently brought your phone number to Lucky Mobile from a different provider, it may take some time for your SIM Card to activate. Make sure your device network settings are set to “Automatic”.

However, if you haven’t done any activation yet then you’ll need to activate your SIM card.  Lucky mobile sim activation can be easily done online or offline. Note also that your PIN and PUK code may also be required for activation purposes.

The default PIN is usually 1234 or 0000. You can also check the pack that came with the SIM for your unique PIN.  Check if the PUK code is included so that if you failed to enter the correct PIN and you get stuck, you can reset it with that code. If the PUK code didn’t come with the SIM, please contact Lucky Mobile and request it.

How to Activate Lucky Mobile Sim Card

  1. Online Activation
    Online SIM activation can be done from the Lucky Mobile website.
    Fill out the form providing all required information and follow the prompts to get your sim activated.
  2. Offline Activation
    Simply call 1-833-88-LUCKY (58259).

Note that during the initial activation, you’ll need to make a payment. You can do this by using a credit card/Visa Debit.


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