How to Convert Airtime to Data on FNB Connect

How to Convert Airtime to Data on FNB Connect

Learn the tricks to convert airtime to data on FNB connect to enable you to stay online always. The secret to everything under the sun is knowledge. With the right knowledge, you can do just about anything.

On FNB Connect, you have the opportunity to turn the extra airtime into data for a better use on the internet.  A lot of South Africans do not know this and that is why we have carefully prepared this article to help you have a better experience with FNB Connect.

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Before you start off with the conversion of your airtime to data, you should check the amount of airtime you have currently on your mobile so you can determine the data bundle to purchase. Since FNB has several data bundles with different prices, you should carefully decide on the bundle that is most suitable according to your airtime balance.

Once you have confirmend your airtime balance and data bundle, follow these steps to convert airtime to data.

How to Convert Airtime to Data on FNB Connect

  1. The first thing to do is to dial *130*321# from your FNB Connect mobile device.
  2. Pay close attention and follow all the prompts.
  3. The next command requires you to enter option 1 (for Prepaid customers).
  4. Select data bundles according to the airtime amount on your account.
  5. Select Data.
  6. Select enter if you are buying for another number.
  7. If you are nbutyng for another number, enter the number to be recharged.
  8. Select from the list the bundles which correspond to your airtime balance.
  9. Go through to make any necessary changes.
  10. Select the applicable option.
  11. If the details and information given are correct, select “confirm” to proceed with the conversion.
  12. Once the conversion has been effected, you will receive a notification SMS telling you that your request has been confirmed.

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