How to Send a Call Back on FNB Connect

How to send a Call Back on FNB Connect

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What do you do when you need to send a “call back” on FNB connect? This question may not have come to your mind but that does not erase the chances of a scenario where you may need to send a call back on FNB. This article is written as a complete guide to sorting this issue.

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It is possible that some folks are unaware of the call-back message option, while others who know about this service may not know how to make use of it. Read through the article to discover the codes used to send an emergency message to someone to call you back from your FNB Sim.

Like many network service providers example MTN, this network service also enables you to send a call-back message to someone. This “call back” is used in some networks like MTN when you are out of airtime and wish to place a call or inform someone to call you back.

So instead of waiting around for a miracle to come because you would rather not borrow airtime to place your call, simply use the designated code for the call me back service to notify your friend, family, or colleague requesting that he/she should call you back.

How to Send a Call Back on FNB Connect

Below are the steps used to send a call-back from an FNB Connect Simcard.

  1. Dial the USSD Code *140*cell phone number of the receiver# from your FNB Connect SIM card.
  2. This would further display the type of call-back message to be sent and almost immediately the number you input when sending the code will receive a message from FNB requesting that he/she should call you back.


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