How to Buy Neotel Airtime

How to Buy Neotel Airtime

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There are a couple of channels through which you can buy Neotel airtime. Whatever channel is best suitable to you, we have got you covered on the A-Z about airtime purchase/recharge on Neotel.

Basically, you can buy Neotel prepaid vouchers via internet banking ( EFT ), ATM, or other simpler routes. For Internet Banking, ensure that you add Neotel airtime to your payment list in your profile and use your Neotel 10-digit phone numbers as the beneficiary or recipient.

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Furthermore, internet banking requires that you use the correct banking details that correspond with your bank. If you bank with Nedbank, use the Nedbank account details. This will allow us to Neotel to receive your bank transfer/payment instantly and your airtime will be credited within 10 to 20mins.

How to Buy Neotel Airtime

  1. Online Banking
    You can buy Neotel; airtime directly from your bank account. Remember to use the specified banking details that correspond with your bank to avoid delays and mistakes.
  2. Online Vendors
    You can buy airtime online from some popular and trustworthy online vendors. Note that you need to purchase a minimum of R150, and there are no forms of contracts to fill in.

    From the form, indicate the amount of money you want to recharge and process the request by completing your payment details. Topping up online with doctorSIM is highly recommended. This is because it is completely transparent and during the process, you will be notified of the airtime amount and other additional charges, if applicable.
    Once you have purchased your airtime voucher you can simply load it onto your device by dialing 241 from your Neotel phone. Follow the voice prompts and you’ll be reloaded in no time.

    Although this channel attracts some commissions, it is still one of the safest and fastest ways to recharge your Neotel line.


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