how to choose the right book for kids

how to choose the right book for kids

how to choose the right book for kids

As a parent, it’s of utmost importance to inculcate the habit of reading in your kids but it’s also very necessary you watch out for what they read. The big challenge is how tow to choose the right book for your kids. This article is written as a guide to choosing the right book for your kids.

How to Choose The Right Book For Kids

The most important thing to know in choosing a book for your kids is that you need to be an attentive parent.

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  1. Age

    Go through the contents of the book to determine whether the subject matter is appropriate for your child’s age and/or maturity level. Are they ready to learn about concepts such as manners, math, war, or sexuality? Also, there is certain kind of books for kids of various ages. Board books and storybooks are usually loved by toddlers and infants and picture books for 2-6 years old. As their age advances and their level of understanding improves, the books will change.

  2. Reaction/Perception

    Watch your child’s reaction when you introduce him/her to a book. Oftentimes, your child can tell you if there is too much text or if the words are too big.

  3. Interest

    Find out their areas of interest and get the books in that line. Choose books that will keep your child’s interest. Consider your child’s two or three favorite books. Compare other books by this standard. Feel free to pick up a few that are slightly easier and slightly harder than their favorite titles.

    The tips above are just a guide but be sure to apply yours and pick whatever works for you.

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