How To Work From Home In South Africa

To work from home is one of the best feelings ever especially in a country like South Africa. Getting a job isn’t all that easy these days and most jobs will tie you down, you get to wake up early in the morning take your bath, dress up and head to your working place where you will have to spend all your time till evening time.

The stress, time consumed, and lack of paying attention to your family will affect you in so many ways. Now think about this, the thought of working from home comes with lots of advantages like having all the time you need for yourself and your family, no much stress involved, freedom to do anything you want to do and much more, this is the dream of anyone. So the question is how can this be achieved? how can you find this financial freedom at your own comfort? well continue reading to get the answers to all these questions.

Work From Home Jobs In South Africa

To work from home there are some skills that you will have to possess to reach your destination. Do not see this as an easy job because there’s no easy way to make money just that its a bit easier than other ways. Here are the work from home jobs you can do at your own comfort;

  1. Internet Marketing
    Marketing mostly is done by online today, hardly does anyone do marketing physically this days though its still done but the easier and best way to reach more people is through the internet in order for you to make more sales.
    Requirements: What’s required here is just a laptop, internet subscription and a practical knowledge of Search engine optimization (SEO).
    Next thing to do is to write companies, mainly production companies and tell them about the services you offer and its importance to the success of their company.
  2. Freelance Writer
    Writing of articles is what makes up the internet. Most bloggers or website owners are usually occupied with other work out there and need a writer. Make a research about content writing and try out your skills on your own. You don’t need to be perfect before you start advertising yourself out there.
    Requirements: A PC or Laptop with an internet connection or sometimes even your smart phone can get this job done.
    How do you get a job through this means? Search for some South African blogs or even outside your country, click on their contact us page and send an email to them telling them the services you can offer. Apart from this process, there are also websites that you can sign up on and get paid for offering this service too, they include; freelancerFiverr, iFreelance, and many others.
  3. Sell Stuffs Online
    This is also a great way to make money from home in South Africa. Selling your stuff online mostly things you no longer use or need or even helping someone to sell their stuff and get a commission from it also pays well.
    Requirements: The only thing required here is just your smartphone or a laptop that’s internet enabled.
    There free classified websites in South Africa that offers these services and they include; OLX, Locanto, Howzit, and many others.

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  4. Teach English Language
    Daily in South Africa there are always foreigners relocating or visiting the country. Most of them can’t speak English because of the country where they came from and the country they are visiting, English is the official language. This is where you seize the opportunity to make some money for yourself.
    Requirements: Smartphone or laptop that is internet enabled, an application like Skype installed into it, a dictionary and if possible a website so you can be found easily.
    Yes you heard me well Skype application is needed because lots of them may contact you through the internet and may love to learn from home. Also sign up at Gumtree and if possible advertise your services there.
  5. Translator
    If you are multilingual then its a big advantage for you if you are in South Africa. Knowing how to speak and write foreign languages like French, German or Spanish is a huge way to acquire wealth from home.
    Requirements: There’s nothing much required here just your normal laptop or smartphone with internet connection, also have a dictionary for all the languages you know or make use of Google translator.
    Place your services at free classified websites like Craigslist or the ones i mentioned above and get ready to be contacted anytime.
  6. Web Designer
    Most people out there in South Africa are not tech savvy and if you happen to have some skills in this area you can make a lot of money and if you happen not to have much skill in this sector, go for training and be an expert. Contact some primary and high schools, companies in your area and tell them the positive impact having a website could be for them but please make sure you check if they already have a website.
    Requirements: A laptop (must) and an internet connection.
    Designing a website can be done from your home.
  7. Virtual Assistance
    This may sound a bit confusing because maybe you are getting to know about it for the first time, let me explain it. This is also known as virtual office assistant which involves providing professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely from a home office. You can read more about it here.

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