How to Get a Kroger Card

how to get a kroger card

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It is true that shopping cards come with many benefits, so you need to know how to get a Kroger card to enjoy the benefits that come with it. Here are steps on how to get a Kroger card.

From the information at hand, Kroger Plus cardholders are also automatically enrolled in Kroger’s Fuel Program, which issues points for every dollar they spend. Those points can be used at any Kroger Fuel Center, usually located close to a Kroger grocery store, or at Shell fuel pumps nationwide. You can also earn extra points by purchasing gift cards and prescriptions. Awesome right?

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This is because Kroger, the largest traditional grocer with over 3,000 stores operating under various names marks a large number of items down each week, with the discount, applied only after a customer’s Kroger card has been scanned.

Knowing this, I’m sure you would love to have a Kroger card. If yes, then follow the steps below to apply and get your own Kroger card.

How to Get a Kroger Card

There are two main ways to go about this. They are;

  1. The Offline method:
    Go to customer service at any Kroger store and request a card application. With this option, you’ll have a physical card in hand that you can use at any cash register. If you forget your card at home, you can always access your benefits by providing the phone number you entered on your application.
  2. Online Method
    This method requires you to sign up for a Kroger account first. To do this, Visit the official website. After you have completed the registration, then you can proceed with the request. In this method, you will be given a virtual card number that you can use in any store. You can also input your phone number to access your benefits at the register in the store, as well. This card works for online grocery pickup and other sections and also your discounts and points will automatically be applied using the card linked to your online account.

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