How To Transfer Airtime Or Data From Mtn To Mtn South Africa

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In this article, we will teach you how to transfer airtime or data From Mtn To Mtn South Africa. Sharing airtime with your friends, families, or loved ones is easy in MTN and is known as Me2U. Are you an MTN customer? you are in the right place for the answers you seek. We are here to teach you how to transfer your airtime or your data bundle from your MTN line to another MTN line. That’s what we do at 247howto, we teach people how to do stuffs. We know MTN is in many African countries but this article is basically for South Africans that are using MTN. Let’s get started;

Transfer of Airtime from MTN to another MTN customer

  1. To transfer airtime, dial 141 on your device, then follow the voice prompt.
  2. To transfer airtime, internet data bundle and SMS bundles, dial *136*3# or *136*6328*


For MTN PayAsYouGo Customers

There are some terms and conditions attached to this customers. For their package they can transfer airtime, SMS bundles and internet bundles from your MTN PayAsYouGo account to any other MTN PayAsYouGo. After the transfer is completed an SMS will be received and it will be deducted from your airtime. For the minimum amount you can transfer, its only R2 and above. Per day the maximum amount that can be transferred is R1 000.

For MTN Hybrid Customers

For Hybrid customers, its almost same as PayAsYouGo but also have its own rules. Here you can’t transfer promotional airtime such as additional airtime received as part of a MTN promotion and on-net airtime redeemed using loyalty points but only prepaid airtime loaded on your hybrid account. Hybrid customers can transfer up to R1 000 per day and R10 000 per month.


Sharing or transferring your airtime is free in MTN, no cost attached. Feel free to use the service. You can also read more from MTN official website.

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