Why can’t i tag a friend

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Tagging someone on Facebook is a way to get the attention of the person to something that he’s tagged to. You can call up the attention of a person in a comment by using the @ symbol or to reply to his comment. Another way to tag someone is by tagging them to your photos. Sometimes this feature might stop working and this is why we are writing this article to show you the reasons why it occurred.

Why can’t I tag a friend on Facebook

  • You have overused this feature.
    Whenever you overuse a feature on Facebook they tend to see it as spam and eventually restrict you from using this feature.
  • Your friend has set her Facebook privacy policy not to be tagged. 
    Some people don’t want to be tagged at all and so they set their account to such. You can only notice this if you can tag others and can’t tag them.
  • Facebook bug 
    It could be an error from Facebook, you can easily report to Facebook so they could be aware by checking out our post; How do I contact Facebook administration.

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