Where do i find message requests

Message requests are also known as private messages. This occurs when someone who’s not your friend on Facebook sends you a message it comes in as a message requests. This doesn’t really occur all the time but these messages go into a hidden folder. Facebook sees these messages as spam and therefore places it in a hidden vault.

Where do I find message requests 

  • For those using Desktop or PC, log in to your Facebook account.

    How to see my message requests on Facebook

  • At the top right side, you will see the message icon for checking your inbox, click on it.
  • You will see recent at the top side of the drop-down options, by the right of it you will see Message Requests.
  • lick on it, you will see all your hidden messages.

For Mobile Users

  • Open your Facebook Messenger app.
  • In the list of your chats, it comes as the first chat with the title “New Message Requests”.
  • Tap on it and read all your hidden messages.

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