Where do i find my saved pins on Pinterest

find my saved pins on pinterest

Pinterest is a very popular social media platform but based on pictures in the form of boards. Though it has similarities with Instagram it works more like a search engine unlike Instagram. When we browse through Pinterest, we tend to see nice pictures, links or infographics which we would love to visit again later, the best thing we could do is to save it.

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When we save it we need to visit it again later. Sometimes it’s difficult to locate where these pins are saved for us to visit them again.

Where do I find my saved pins on Pinterest 

  • Click on your Profile. This could be achieved by click on your name to visit your profile where you can find the list of your boards.Where do i find my saved pins on Pinterest
  • While saving any Pin, you will be asked to choose the board you wish to save the pin to which you can create immediately or you save to an already created one. Your pins are in your boards under your profile section and the boards appear according to the latest you saved a pin to, or alphabetically depending on how you want to view it.

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