Where can I sell my iPhone

apple trade in

New iPhones will continue to roll out and you know new things comes with attraction. iPhone 11 has been launched including the Pro and Pro Max which has turned a lot of heads. There you are with your older one which could be iPhone 6 or 7 and you have the thought to upgrade but you don’t have enough money.

Here’s the good news, you can sell your current phone and purchase the new one. You might be wondering where you could get a customer to purchase it, worry no more, we got your back.

Where can I sell my iPhone

1. Trade it for credit 

apple trade in

Apple the owner of iPhones offers this service popularly known as Apple Trade In. You simply trade in your eligible device for credit toward your next purchase or get an Apple Store Gift Card you can use anytime. Have it in mind that not all iPhones are eligible but they can recycle it for free. Another popular company that offers the trade it for credit Best Buy and their offers are good.

2. Make use of a service

You can trade-in your phones for cash though it’s less profitable. There are companies that allow you to sell your iPhone in return for cash. They show you the payment method for you to get the cash, how long you have before you need to send the phone in which is known as the price lock duration. The price is always determined by the condition of your phone and the name of this company is Flipsy.


Another great one is Sellcell which has been around for over a decade. They help you sell your iPhone including Samsung users. You can also sell your tablets with them.

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3. Broken iPhones 


If your iPhone is damaged such as it can no longer power on or it doesn’t charge anymore then uSell is the best platform for that. They are not limited to only damaged ones, they also accept used iPhones without issues.

4. Sell your iPhone Fast 


There’s a company that could buy it fast from you and that’s Decluttr. This works in a very simple way, just answer a few questions about the condition of your phone, storage capacity, and carrier lock if any. When you are done they will make you an offer, once you accept you ship your device to them for inspection. If they are satisfied they send you the payment and if they decide to price you lower you can decline and get your device back.

Bonus: We also have Swappa which is very popular but make sure your phone is in good condition before making use of their services.


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