How do i stop videos from auto playing

Facebook settings

Learn to turn off Video Autoplay on Facebook after reading this. Videos playing automatically while you are navigating through your Facebook account can be annoying at times. Sometimes you may not want to view some offensive videos that contain some harmful scenes like violence and maybe nudity. While your browsers might have the features to stop this from happening, always remember that this is a manual process to achieve in your Facebook.

How to turn off Video Autoplay on Facebook for Android users

To start this process in Android, follow the steps below carefully;

  1. Login to your Facebook app
  2. Tap on the upper right menu button with three horizontal lines
  3. Tap on Settings & Privacyfacebook video
  4. Tap on Settingsfacebook newsfeed
  5. Scroll down to Media and ContactsHow to turn off Video Autoplay on Facebook
  6. Scroll down till you find Autoplaynewsfeed
  7. Select Never Autoplay Videos if you don’t want any video to automatically play.Facebook settings

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