How to Poke Someone on Facebook

How to Poke someone on Facebook

How to Poke someone on Facebook

One of the fun things on Facebook is the poke feature. Some years back it was used bu virtually everyone but in recent times it’s no longer used by many due to new features like emoji. The symbol is just a hand with a finger pointing towards the right side.

The usage was active especially for those who want to flirt with someone or call your friend’s attention. Everyone is allowed to use this feature, when you poke someone it appears in their notification and they will also have the option to poke you back.

How to Poke someone On Facebook

Like I stated before this feature was used by many back then but many people abused it. I t was easily accessible back then by the left side of the desktop screen or by clicking on the three dots by the right side on the Facebook app. Due to the abuse, Facebook decided to make certain changes by making it a bit difficult for people to poke someone on Facebook. Follow the guide below;

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Visit this link to take you to the Facebook poke page. You will see a little search bar where you can type the name of the person you want to poke. When you poke someone you won’t be able to poke them again and if you attempt to you will get this message; (Poked Person) has not responded to your last Poke. This means that you are only allowed to poke someone on Facebook once. Once someone blocks you, you won’t be able to poke them again.

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