How to Write a Formal Excuse Letter


How To Write a Formal Excuse Letter

Unlike an informal letter, a formal letter is less casual and therefore has specific procedures that must be taken to achieve the desired result.

How to Write a Formal Excuse Letter

These tips can help you write an effective excuse letter

  1. Ensure that you maintain a polite tone while writing. Choose your words carefully.
  2. State the reason for being absent honestly.
  3. Remember to punctuate correctly.
  4. Your letter should be short and straight to the point.
  5. Avoid unnecessary topics.
  6. In the case of illness, you may need to attach a doctor’s note to authenticate your letter.

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Below is an example of an informal excuse letter template:

How To Write a Formal Excuse Letter
Formal Excuse Letter Template

Subject Of Letter:

The subject of your letter can be:

  • Request for Absence From Work/Duty/School.
  • Application For Leave of Absence.

Main Point Of Letter

Here, state the reason for your absence. Avoid repeating words.

Conclusion/Final Paragraph

The following words can be used to conclude your letter:

  • I look forward to receiving your reply.
  • Thank you for your co-operation.



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