How to wear a mask properly

How to wear a mask properly

Face mask used to be seen as a tool for medical professionals. Today, it has turned out to be a requirement for everyone to use in order to save lives. This began since the world was engulfed with the pandemic known as Coronavirus (Covid19). Putting on of face mask will not only protect you from infecting others but also protect you from infecting others if you’re infected without being aware.

Am going to teach you how to wear a face mask in the proper way. Though we have different masks today, both the medical ones (N95 respirators) and the ones made from pieces of clothes, the instructions here covers it all. Face masks can’t protect you from 100 percent from contracting the virus but it prevents more when a positive person wears one. You can check the guidelines from WHO to know more.

How to wear a mask properly

  • First, you need to wash your hands with soap and water or make use of a hand sanitizer before you can touch your mask.
  • Inspect your mask carefully to check if there’s any sign of tears or holes.
  • The face mask has the top and the bottom section. At the edge of the top side has a bendable edge which laps with the shape of your nose.
  • The colored part of the mask is the front side and suppose to face outside. The inner side is whitish in color, this is the side that supposes to cover your mouth and nose.

Few Instructions to note on the design of the face mask 

  • Face Mask with ear loops

    Face Mask with ear loops

    This is commonly used by many because of its simplicity. To wear this, hold the ear loops that look like a small rope, and place it in your ear.

  • Face Mask with Ties

    Face Mask with Ties

    This is another type but needs some extra little job to be done. Hold the left and right ties of the mask and bring it to your nose section. Place the ties over the crown of your head, then tie it firmly.


  • Never touch your facemask with unwashed hands. If its a must you will do that, then don’t touch the section your nose and mouth fit in.
  • If possible, don’t wear a mask twice to avoid contamination and infection.

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