How to buy MTN Whatsapp bundles South Africa


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How to buy MTN Whatsapp bundles South Africa

This article will teach you how to buy MTN Whatsapp bundles in South Africa. Mtn is among the top networks in South Africa. In recent times, virtually all networks now offer social bundles to their customers and MTN is not left out. What are social bundles? These are bundles that are dedicated to social media and chatting apps. Social means interactions or relationships, this type of bundle covers for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Whatsapp usage.

This bundle has now been narrowed down to be for a particular app among them. This means you can now subscribe to any of the social networks and this time we will be focused on Whatsapp. Follow the below steps to learn how this is done.

How to buy MTN Whatsapp bundles South Africa 

  • Dial the USSD code  *142#.
  • From the list of options select the option that suits you. Here’s the price list;
    R2 – 50MB (Valid for 1 day)
    R5 – 100MB (Valid for 3 days)
    R10 – 250MB (Valid for 1 week)
    R30 – 1GB (Valid for 20 days)

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