How to Shop on Pinterest

how to shop on pinterest

how to shop on pinterest
Shopping on Pinterest is one of the benefits of social media. Sadly, not all who have a Pinterest account are aware of this privilege, and even those who do know are ignorant of how to shop on Pinterest. This article acts as an awareness and a guide to tips on Pinterest shopping.

Sales and marketing have been made easier such that you can do them wherever and whenever. Like Facebook and Instagram, you also shop on Pinterest. Pinterest has unique Product Pin formats, intelligent ads, and other shopping tools that make it easy for people to search, discover and buy your products from Pinterest.

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Product Pins are Pins with a unique format to highlight your product information eg price tag, product title, Brand name, etc. Sometimes, Product Pins have special labels, like “Best Seller” or “Popular,” depending on their sales activity within their product category.

These Product Pins also allow brands to pull product descriptions, prices, and inventories directly from their e-commerce platform to create Pins ready for purchase and send Pinners straight to checkout.

Furthermore, you can have a shopping list that allows you to find every saved Product Pin Board in one place. It also encourages Pinners to revisit these products by notifying them when prices drop on any of them. It also makes your shopping experience easier as you get to make purchase decisions, compare products, and ultimately, make your purchases directly from the images.

As a brand/business, you can promote product pins. You can do this promotion with the use of paid ads or partner with influencers, especially in the popular Idea Pin format. This Pin type is only available to creators, not brands, so partnering with the right creators is essential for success.

Although you cannot buy items directly from Pinterest, you can, however, click on the product to show the product details and additionally take you to the creator’s landing page or website to make your purchases.

Pinterest also has a “Shop Tab” on a Pinterest Board which allows a user to see products from or inspired by the Pins they’ve saved to a board. For example; When a user visits a fashion Pinterest board, the new Shop tab will show other related products.



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