How to Contact Talk Talk From Mobile

how to contact talk talk from mo

how to contact talk talk from mo

As a Talk Talk subscriber/user, you may need to contact Talk talk customer service from mobile for various reasons and inquiries ranging from balance checks to your data usage. You can also enquire about roaming while you’re abroad and other services.

Although we will be highlighting a few things about this mobile network, its coverage, and services, this article will be centered mainly on the various ways to contact Talk Talk from mobile.

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TalkTalk is a telecommunications company common in the United Kingdom and Switzerland. It formerly uses Vodafone, but recently it switched to O2, a well-established network as part of a new multi-year deal. While with O2, Talk Talk offered only 3G, but after the switch to O2, it was able to upgrade to 4G as well.

With TalkTalk mobile, you can call and surf on the Sunrise network. Sunrise network is very popular in Switzerland and operates a nationwide 4G network (over 95% coverage). It also provides 99.9% of the population with the best voice and Internet connections.

How to Contact TalkTalk From Mobile

There are various ways to contact Talk Talk from mobile, however, any of these ways could serve depending on the purpose and location.

  1. To get in touch with the headquarters, simply dial 0345 172 0044 to speak to their Customer Service for whatever inquiries you need to make. They are open 7 days a week, 8 am – 10 pm.
  2. For local inquiries, call 0345 172 0088. This call rate is actually free using your TalkTalk landline.
  3. For overseas, call +44 203 4415 550.
  4. You can also contact them through their Instagram handle.


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