How to Send Positive Energy to Someone

how to send positive energy to someone

how to send positive energy to someone

Believe me, there are people who emit the kind of energy in the environment they find themselves in at a particular time but there are also some groups of people who can cope with any energy and turn things around to suit them. Yes, the environment can be a great factor when it comes to energy and vibes. So what do you do when you need positive energy in an environment filled with negative ones? What would you give in that situation knowing that someone somewhere can actually send you positive energy?

I have also found myself in a diverse situation where I prayed for the right energy to get through that phase. Call it a force or an attraction, it usually took the right people with the right mindset and energy to pull me into the positivity I needed to operate better.

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Everyone needs positive energy to move forward but not all are able to muster it at all times. And because energy is a feeling, it can also be shared amongst people. However, it takes some deep connection to be able to transfer or send positive energy to someone.

How to Send Positive Energy to Someone

There are various ways to give positive energy to someone in need of it. Although these methods may not work for everyone, it has been proven to work for a great many.

  1. Crystals

    Crystals can be used to send energy to someone. It is one of the most popular methods of sending positive energy to someone else. This can be done through the use of healing crystals popularly known as distance healing.

    From the name distance healing, it is obvious that the receiver is not close to the sender. Research has shown that crystals have been used to transfer both positive and negative energy.

    To transfer positive energy, ensure you get rid of the negative energy in the crystal, charge them, and program them with an intention. You can cleanse and charge a crystal by placing it in the sun or moonlight. Just be sure that your particular crystal isn’t prone to sun damage before you do this.

    After the crystal is rid of the negative energy, set an intention for the crystal to send its positive energy to a particular person. To do this, quiet your mind and mentally state your desire for the crystal mentioning the receiver’s name.

    Note that there are different crystals with different properties so it’s a good idea to choose a crystal based on the specific type of positive energy you want to send. Use an amethyst, for a positive tune into their intuition. Or send love with rose quartz.

  2. Prayers

    Prayers are a good way to send positive energy to someone else. The good thing about prayer is that distance is not a barrier as it can reach anyone anywhere. Speak words of prayer with deep meditation whilst mentioning the name of the person you wish to send the positive energy to.

    While praying, we can activate and seek the help of angels. Angels are beings of pure light or spirit and have historically been portrayed in different ways. Along with your own guardian angels, there are also high-ranking archangels who are specialized in different roles.

    The angels can heal and help us when we ask, but it’s also possible to ask the angels for help on behalf of someone else. Just as you would ask angels for something for yourself, ask them to help another person.

    Even if the person you’re sending the positive energy to doesn’t believe, it’s still worth asking the angels for help. The angels don’t abandon people who don’t understand or believe in them. However, if positive energy is sent, it will ultimately be up to the person as to whether or not they receive that energy.

  3. Meditation/Law of Attraction

    According to the Law of Attraction, our emotions impact whether we’re vibrating at a high or low frequency. Feeling negative emotions keeps our vibration low, while positive emotions keep our vibrations high. With high vibes, we attract positive experiences that match those vibrations, and the same is true for negative experiences. You can manifest the life you want by controlling your vibrations through thinking positive thoughts and feeling positive emotions.

    We can use the Law of Attraction to help someone with negative energy by sending out heart energy.
    It’s super easy to send heart energy to someone who needs it. Start by feeling your heart in the center of your chest. Then imagine a stream of white or silver light traveling from your heart out of your body. As you imagine it, you might even feel the warmth emanating from your heart.

    Envision that stream of light traveling to the person or animal who needs your positive energy. That’s all you need to do to send good energy according to the principles of the Law of Attraction. It will then be their choice, even on a subconscious level, as to whether they accept the energy or let it pass through them.

    Meditation on the other hand comes with a whole list of physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. Along with using meditation to boost your energy and de-stress, you can also use this age-old practice to send positive energy to someone else.

    Meditation works best in a place with no distractions. With meditation, the idea is to quiet the mind, so try to focus on each breath you take and let all other thoughts pass you by. If your mind jumps to other thoughts—and it probably will—try not to judge yourself. Just gently keep bringing your attention back to your breaths until your mind feels clear.

    When you’re ready, focus on the energy inside of you. Visualize it filling up every inch of your body. Then see the person who will receive the energy in your mind’s eye. Keep trying to imagine them until you have a very clear picture of them. Then visualize the energy inside you gathering into a white ball of light in your chest and as you feel the energy bring together those good feelings and the white light, then project the white light toward the other person in your mind. Envision them being surrounded by your positive white light and receiving it into their body.







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