How to Get PUK Number on Cell C

how to get puk number on cell c

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Every Cell C user has a unique PUK number and it is essential for you to know how to get your Cell C number as the need could arise at any time. Follow the steps in this article to learn how to get your PUK code.

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First, you may want to know what a PUK number is and what it is used for. A PUK number/code which is also known as a PUC code is a ‘Personal Unlocking Key/Code’ that comes with every SIM card. It is used to reset the PIN number or unlock your mobile device if the protective software was triggered to lock the SIM card or handset.

It is important to note that whatever the version of your phone, be it an iPhone or Android device if you do have not your sim card PUK code/number then there is hardly any other way by which you can unlock it.

How to Get PUK Number on Cell C

There various ways for you to get your PUK number. It can be gotten via various channels like the customer service provider, the Cell C app, or visit their official website to get the correct PUK code. Check out the detailed processes below.

  1. Through the Cell C Mobile App
    Log in to your Cell C app with your username & password.
    Click on the Menu bar and select Personal Information.
    Your personal information also carries your PUK number.
  2. Cell C Website
    Log in to Self-Service on the Cell C website.
    View details under Security to see your security number.
  3. Via Self-Service IVR
    Call 135 and select option 1 for Manage.
    Or select option 9 to speak to an agent
    Then retrieve PUK.
  4. USSD Code
    Simply dial *147#
    Choose option 9
    From the next prompt, choose option 5
    Lastly, choose option 2.


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