How to sell homemade items

Homemade items

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Are u a stay at home mum? Homemade items and crafts are just the perfect things that can generate income for you. Homemade items and crafts can be beads, woven wears, food, and drinks. Whether you are selling in person or online, you need to spread the word about your craft-work and about you, the crafts-person.

To be successful in this business, there is a need to emphasize on personalized customer service, regardless of the sales venue. Ship orders promptly, and provide contact information for service or questions. Consider providing refunds, exchanges, or repairs.

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How to sell homemade items

  1. The Internet: You do not need to have a physical store/shop before you can market your items. is probably the most well-known of numerous sites that focus on the sale of handmade items. All you need is to create a business website where people can visit and learn more about your little enterprise. Spread the word on social media via friends and family.
  2. Festivals: Apart from the internet, you can start a craft festival in your local area. Perhaps you can “sublet” some space in another vendor’s stall, for instance. Don’t go “all in” until you see how your product sells. Scout festivals first whenever possible. Get a feel for the atmosphere and whether items like yours are likely to sell well.
  3. Get your product into stores: Be it physical or online store, try to work with other retailers instead of trying to compete with them. Your quality products and their customer volume can make a profitable combination. Look first for businesses in your area that focus on selling local handmade products. Then consider retailers that sell products that are comparable or complementary to yours.
  4. Sell products out of your home: If your specialty is framed artwork targeted toward children, ask around at pediatrician offices, kids’ clothing stores, daycare centers, and the like. See if you can place some of your product and provide information about sales from your home.
  5. Advertisement: Getting people to know about your product is of utmost importance. Since it is not a brand name, you need to advertise. Advertise with flyers, social media posts, and so on for a craft party to be held at your home. Display your product line(s), show where they are made, and work to build up an interested potential customer base.

It is also important for you to arrange a well planned delivery method to attain the desired customer satisfaction especially when selling online. When possible, try to negotiate an arrangement that lets you set up your crafts as a virtual shop-within-a-shop. Display your crafts together, along with business cards or other promotional materials.


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