How to Qualify for FNB Connect

how to qualify for fnb connect

how to qualify for fnb connect

If you are in South Africa and wish to qualify for FNB connect then you must meet the necessary requirements and qualifying criteria to make you fit for the offer. This article will fill you with everything you need to know about FNB connect and how to qualify for it.

Although FNB is a financial establishment and is known to be one of the “big four” Banks in the South African market. In addition to its financial services, it also has a supplier of data for South African ADSL subscribers. FNB Connect is a South African Internet service provider which operates as a business unit within FirstRand Bank Limited (“FRB”).

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It is one of the first South African VoIP suppliers to have developed a VOIP application for the iPhone, Windows Mobile, and Symbian mobile phones plus a PC version for Windows and Linux and a web-based digital phone.

In 2020, FNB Connect became the network service with the highest customer satisfaction score, followed by Cell C, also in a leadership position, and enjoying an improvement of almost seven index points in overall customer satisfaction score.

However, to enjoy these unlimited internet and data access, the following criteria should be met.

How to Qualify for FNB Connect

To qualify for FNB connect, the following criteria should be met:

  1. You should have a qualifying transactional account with FNB that is functional.
  2. You should be 18yrs or older.
  3. You must have a South African Identity Card or Passport that is valid.

If however, you are new to FNB Connect and you meet the Free Connect minimum FREE Connect monthly criteria, you will be eligible for a once-off data, voice minutes, and SMS activation allocation. You are also eligible for monthly data, voice minutes and SMS allocation provided you meet the criteria.

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