How to Know My Number Etisalat Egypt

How to know my number Etisalat Egypt

How to know my number Etisalat Egypt
For some reason, you may need to know your Etisalat number and because you do not have it by heart, you would need an alternative. This article is written to solve this pressing need and teach you how to easily know your Etisalat Egypt number any day anytime.

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There are 3 main methods that you can use to retrieve or get your phone number in desperate cases.

How to Know My Number Etisalat Egypt

  1. USSD Code
    Etisalat Egypt has a USSD code that helps you to know your number on Etisalat Egypt. This USSD code is the most reliable method that you can use in Egypt to check your number and it requires you to do it from your mobile phone.

    Aside from your phone number, this code also shows you all your information. To use this method, do the following:
    Step 1: Dial #132# from your mobile device.
    Step 2: You will receive a message with your information including your phone number.

  2. From Another Device
    Note that this method requires that there must be airtime recharged on the phone you are checking your phone number from. If your friend, colleague, or family member is close to you, simply dial his/her phone number from your own Etisalat mobile device.

    As soon as the person’s phone begins to ring, copy out your number from the person’s phone.

  3. Use Etisalat “Please Call Me”
    In the case where you want to get your phone number from someone’s phone but you do not have airtime on your phone then you can use this method to know your Etisalat phone number. To use the “Please Call Me” method, follow the instructions below:

    Step 1: Dial *100#.
    Step 2: Select number 1
    Step 3: Enter the 10-digit mobile number you wish to request a call from (your friend’s number).
    Step 4: The receiving party receives an SMS with a call me back request message.
    Step 5: Retrieve your mobile phone number from your friend.

Alternatively, type 111(10-digit mobile number)#, and send.

After you have retrieved your number from any of these methods, ensure you save the number on your device for easy access and retrieval next time.

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