How to protect my Facebook account

How to protect my Facebook account

How to protect my Facebook account

Protecting your Facebook account or any of your social media accounts from hackers is important to avoid accessing your account and using it for any criminal activities. The world is now a global village, and people commit online crimes using people’s identities, precisely social media accounts. Facebook is among the most attacked when it comes to this subject, and you have to secure your account with all you’ve got, especially if you have many friends or followers. In this article, I will guide you on how to protect my Facebook account .

How to protect my Facebook account 

I will start with tips on how to secure your account.

  • Use a complicated password that is not easy to guess, and most importantly don’t use your name as your password.
  • Don’t use your Facebook password in every online registration you do.
  • There are many websites that look like Facebook that scammers created for you to log in, always check the web address before you log in.
  • If you access your Facebook account on a public computer, ensure you log out and never save your login details on the computer.
  • If you receive friend requests from people you don’t know and don’t have mutual friends with, please don’t accept.
  • Don’t click on suspicious links, no matter who shared them.

To protect your account from scammers and hackers this is what you have to do;

  1. Set up alerts for unrecognized logins:
    If you are using the mobile app, tap on the top right corner and go to  Security and Login Settings. Follow this step to achieve this.
  2. You can set up two-factor authentication.

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