How to unblock Eskom meter number

How to unblock Eskom meter number

How to unblock Eskom meter number

This article is for our readers from South Africa and we are here to solve issues that you are facing on how to unblock Eskom meter number. If your meter is blocked or locked, we are here to show you how you can unblock or unlock it. Don’t be frustrated when you face issues with any of this stuff, it’s just a programmed device that will always work according to how it’s programmed. Let’s get straight to how to solve this issue.

How to unblock Eskom meter numberĀ 

  • When you have errors like this NOT_Act, it means Active error. This occurs when your meter has not been activated. To resolve this, simply enter the tokenĀ 55555 to activate the meter.
  • If your meter is blocked or locked you should see an error code that looks like this Loct-oUT. This means your meter has locked out your token from being entered. What causes this is when you have exceeded the limit of your current power supply, as a result of using too many appliances. Once this error occurs, you will not have power. The solution is to wait for the error to clear, then remember to use a few appliances at a time.

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