How to pay with Lydia

How to pay with Lydia

How to pay with Lydia

Lydia is a great app used for payments used for tracking and moving all your money. The French mobile banking and payments service allows its users to pay their friends through email or SMS, and also monitor their bank accounts. Founded in 2011, they have become a household name and have really revolutionized the payments in a better way.

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In this article, we will focus on the ways to make payments with this nice app. The good news is that they also allow Apple Pay, Google Pay & Samsung Pay. We can’t also forget the importance of the Lydia Visa card which we will discuss more on.

How to pay with Lydia

Here are the ways to pay with Lydia;

Mobile contactless magic 

This is one of the methods to pay with Lydia known as mobile payment. It works with Apple Pay, Google Pay & Samsung Pay, you just have to put your phone on the card terminal to pay. With this payment procedure, you can pay over €50, all thanks to biometrics that provided more security for this purpose.

Pay with an Internet card 

This is another great method to make payments with Lydia. From my own experience, I rate this method as the best. You just have to instantly generate Internet cards from your Lydia mobile app. Then copy the ephemeral numbers and paste them onto all the websites and apps you wish to make payment on.

Bank Transfers 

This is also another great method but it goes with a condition. You can make an instant transfer to other accounts as long as their bank is compatible with Lydia. Once the money is sent, the recipient receives it almost immediately.

Pay with lydia

Pay with Lydia’s card

The Lydia card pays both in France and across Europe. There are no limitations with their visa card.


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