How to Make Money From Home in UAE

How to make money from home in UAE

How to make money from home in UAE

Are you in UAE and wondering how to make some extra dough with your time at home. Yes, whether you are currently unemployed, a housewife, or a student, you can actually earn some cash from the comfort of your home. Here are a few things you can do:

How to Make Money From Home in UAE

  1. Freelance Writing

    If you consider yourself a good writer and have a good eye for a solid story then you have a chance of making money online by writing ideas to publication. There are plenty of editors who are always looking to commission new writers so turn your hobby into a source of income. Whatever your area of specialization is, be it parenting, football, TV or music then use it to create unique content ideas. To begin freelance writing, Ensure you get a license as you cannot become a freelance writer in UAE without it.

  2. Online Games

    Do you have a passion for playing games are very good at it, know that you can enjoy that hobby of yours and still make money while doing so? There are tonnes of sites on the internet where you can play games and make money. For instance, try GoldenEye for the Nintendo64 on Amazon and make nearly Dhs130.

  3. Translating

    If you can speak and interpret more than one tongue, then it’s time you use it to your advantage and start translating to make money at home in the UAE. Wherever there are ex-pats where English isn’t the top lingo, there will always be a demand for interpretation and translating. Check sites like Welocalize to start earning from translation.

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  4. Create an online course

    Although this may take some time, effort, and some capital to start, the benefits and rewards could be endless. Whatever course you are really good at and you know you can transfer the knowledge to others, begin to outline your course topics and arrange them. You can teach these courses online via YouTube or write ebooks.

  5. Moderate online exams

    If you are looking to make money at home in the UAE, know that there are plenty of schools and colleges willing to pay you for the privilege of watching over someone while they take their online examination.

  6. Sale of Used Books

    You can sell your books which you no longer have a need for online and make some money. If you’ve still got your old University study books laying around, then why not make money at home in the UAE and cash in on them? Sites like Bookscouter is a good site to sell your used textbooks as it ensures you get the best price for them by comparing offers from over 30 book buyback vendors.

  7. Sell Clothes Online

    Sell some of your unwanted clothes online and earn money. Not only will it give you some more wardrobe space but it’ll earn you some easy money at home in the UAE, too. Depop is the most popular way to sell your old clothes as the app is quick and simple. Sign up, upload some pictures of the clothes you’re selling (make sure you get some good shots with nice lighting), and wait for the cash to start rolling in. Alternatively, you can also sell on social media sites like Instagram.

  8. Sell Handmade Arts and Crafts

    Do you have a talent for arts and crafts? You can create beautiful canvas paintings, portraits or calligraphy and make some money from your creations. Etsy is an excellent site to use to sell your handmade art and if you’re serious about starting your own business, create a dedicated Instagram account where you can build a following and sell your products, too.


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