How to Know Original Honey

How to know original honey

How to know original honey

Do you often find yourself confused about the originality of the honey to buy? Want to find out if the honey you bought is pure? Here are a few things you can do to discover and differentiate pure and original honey from adulterated ones.

You can find out by examining the physical qualities of original pure honey, to know if the one you have is pure or not. Note that if you are buying honey directly from beekeepers, then you are buying raw, unprocessed, and original honey.

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Test To Know Original Pure Honey

  1. The Thumb Test:
    Put a small drop of honey on your thumbnail. Usually, pure honey is not sticky but thick. Check if it spills or spreads. If it spreads, then the honey is impure since pure honey will stay intact on your thumb. Spreading is often an indicator that the honey contains some amount of moisture.
  2. The Water Test:
    Water can be used to spot impure honey. Fill a glass of water and add a teaspoon of honey into the glass. Impure honey will easily dissolve in water while pure and original honey will settle right at the bottom of the glass.
  3. The Flame Test:
    Pure honey is flammable and to check if the honey is 100 % pure, try this test! Take a matchstick and dip the tip of the matchstick with honey. Strike the matchstick on the matchbox to see if it lights. If the honey is pure then the matchstick will easily light up and the honey will keep burning. But if the honey is impure it will not light up as it contains moisture.
  4. Taste and Aroma:
    The taste of pure honey does not last and heating can alter it while impure honey has a lasting sweet taste because of the added sugars and sweeteners.
  5. Impurities: Pure honey will have some amount of impurities which are dirty-looking particles from bees and pollen while impure honey is usually free from all that.

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