How to get top fan badge

How to get top fan badge

How to get top fan badge

Top fan badge was introduced by Facebook as an appreciation to award fans who love and dedicate their time to a page. This usually appears on top of the name of a profile whenever they comment or reply comment in a page. It kind of differentiates you from others like you have a crown on top of your head.

Without wasting much of your time let’s see how you can achieve this. Follow the steps below to make this work.

How to get top fan badge 

  • You must have Liked their page already, then comment regularly on the page’s post.
  • If possible, always Like their updates.
  • Visit the page from time to time.

The above steps will eventually make you a top fan but there’s something you need to know. You might take all these steps above and yet you won’t be a top because of the following requirements from Facebook.

Requirements by Facebook

Facebook lists a few other things about the page that needs to be in place, which is as follows;

  • Have more than 10,000 followers
  • Are at least 28 days old
  • Aren’t using the civic engagement badge

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