How to get more friends on Facebook

How to get more friends on Facebook

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Facebook is a place we connect with friends and also make friends. With over one billion people on the platform, it is a great place to make friends both locally and internationally. The maximum friends you can make on Facebook is 5000, so at that number, you can’t receive or send friend requests to someone.

Having many friends on Facebook also has it’s advantages because you can market products to them, share information with them and see lots of updates too. While you’re trying to gain friends on Facebook, don’t go ahead and start sending a friend request to everyone, Facebook will definitely block you.

How to get more friends on Facebook

  • Join Facebook Groups
    There are many groups to join on Facebook, you can join the ones you like by using the search bar to find them. Once your request is approved, start posting and commenting on posts in the group. People in the group will take note of you and add you up.
  • Tag your friends in pictures you upload 
    When you upload pictures, tag your friends so that their friends too can see it. With this method, you’re reaching more people and eventually, some of them will send you a friend request. The best way is to tag your friends that have many friends so that you can reach as many people as possible.
  • Interact with your Friends updates 
    Comment on your friend’s status updates. When you comment on your friend’s updates their friends also see your comments and might add you.
  • Post interesting status updates 
    People tend to add people they don’t know when they see their status updates are interesting. If you post funny or inspirational updates you will get many interactions from friends. Some of your friends might even share your status updates which bring you to the limelight of their friends.
  • Add people up 
    You can add people up but like I stated before don’t overdo this to avoid being blocked. People that are not your friends that interacted with your comment on a page or group you can add them up. You can also add some people that have many mutual friends with you, most of them usually accept.

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