How to Get Over Your Baby Daddy

How To Get Over Your Baby Daddy

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You met him, fell in love, and sometimes went as far as tying the knot. You even went further to produce a child together and all of a sudden, things go sour. The attraction he once felt for you dies and you are left broken with a child which is a constant reminder of your love story.

This situation can be discouraging and sometimes you feel defeated without the slightest idea of how to get your life back and get over him. You may have wanted a normal family, but you couldn’t get it. You find yourself upset and bitter about everything. Believe me, that’s not the end of your life, you can still get your groove on. All you need is the right approach to get over your baby daddy.

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How to Get Over Your Baby Daddy

  1. Self Control: You need to take charge of your feelings and emotions. I know it is really difficult to forget the intimate passion you shared with him but you need to try and put those emotions in check.
  2. Even if he is still single, the fact that you are no longer together for whatever reasons should help you control what you feel for him. Accept it and move on. It will take some time for you to heal but you will be fine.
  3. Stop having sex. If a man decides to break up with you, having sex with him will never win him back. You will only end up hurting yourself over and over. Having sex with him will also not help you get over him as you will always keep attaching yourself to him.
  4. Set Boundaries. Be point-blank on the terms of your relationship with him. He is still your baby’s father so there is a connection between you two but that doesn’t make him your spouse. You can arrange visiting days and time for your child but avoid playing husband and wife. Avoid conversations relating to your love relationship with him.
  5. Engage Yourself Productively. You can channel your energy into work or a productive career instead of drooling over the man you lost. Remember you have a child looking up to you for support so you need to be strong.
  6. Start Dating. Some women find it difficult to stay alone. If you feel that you cannot cope without a man in your life then I suggest you start dating again. Carefully choose your date and before you decide to take the relationship further, be sure that you really want that person. Keep an open mind while dating.

I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be stuck in your past so I suggest you pack up your bags and hit the road. After all, Life is too short to waste it on a man who doesn’t deserve you.

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