How to get internet settings for MTN South Africa


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How to get internet settings for MTN South Africa

For every mobile device, you need to get the correct internet settings to enable you to enjoy high-speed internet. This article has got you covered on the detailed steps on how to get internet settings for MTN South Africa.

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There are several ways to configure your device with the correct internet settings.

  1. Text SETTINGS to 3888, free of charge.
    The settings will be sent to you by SMS, please save the settings as soon as they are delivered to avoid deleting them in error.
  2. Goto your device internet settings and input the following in these fields:
  • Name: MTN internet
  • APN: Internet
  • Proxy: Not set
  • Port: Not set Username:
  • Guest Password: Not set
  • Server: Not set
  • MMSC: Not set
  • MCC: 655
  • MNC: 10
  • Authentication Type: Not set
  • APN type: Default
  • APN protocol: Ipv4
  • APN roaming protocol: Ipv4
  • Enable/ disable APN: APN enable
  • Bearer: Unspecified
  • MVNO Type: None
  • MVNO value: Not setIf you still have challenges setting up your phone, please visit the nearest MTN Service Center or Call 180 or visit the official website.


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