How to get 1GB free data on MTN South Africa

How to get 1GB free data on MTN South Africa
We have earlier written articles on how to borrow data from MTN South Africa, but this time we want you to know how you can get 1GB free data on MTN South Africa, with the steps below

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  • Download The myMTN app which is available to both Android and iOS devices.
  • Then launch the app, sign in with your mobile number and you will be rewarded with 1GB of free data to browse the internet free instantly.

Note that, After downloading the App, you don’t need any Data to use the App it is completely free and the free 1GB is only valid for 24hours.

Also, if after downloading the app and you do not use the App for 90days, you can also re-download the app and get rewarded with the 1GB free data.

You can find out more information from the MTN official website

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