How to get MTN PUK number South Africa

How to get MTN PUK number South Africa

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Ever found yourself with one of those issues involving PUK number? Sometimes, your phone may be locked and you will be required to input your PUK number before you can access your phone. As annoying as this may sound, it is only a measure to protect your phone so here is how to yet your MTN PUK number in South Africa.

There are several ways to get your PUK:

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  1. From Your SIM Pack: Simply check the SIM pack for your PERSONAL UNBLOCKING KEY (PUK). It is an eight-digit number, then input it to unlock your phone.
  2. From myMTN App: Launch the MTN app then select My Profile. Enter OTP and verify. Afterwards, go to SIM profile and select PUK. Your PUK number will then be displayed.
  3. Visit MTN Smart Web: Enter your Phone Number, OTP and then tap on your name (Top left corner). From your Profile enter, OTP then scroll down to select PUK. Answer security questions from our professional live chat agents to get your PUK.

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