How to find Facebook Marketplace

facebook marketplace

facebook marketplace

To find Facebook Marketplace, there are some things you need to know. Let’s first start with the meaning of Facebook Marketplace, It’s a feature introduced by Facebook to enable you trade, buy, or sell items like furniture, electronics, and vehicles with locals in your area.

Now that you have known the meaning let’s get to know how it works. You need to be aware that not every country in the world have access to this feature.

Reasons you may not have access to this feature

There are some reasons you may not have access to this nice feature by Facebook, although it’s already available in more than 80 countries. You can check the Facebook Marketplace Directory to see if your country is there. Now that the country you reside is one of the main reasons, let’s check other reasons why you might not still be eligible.

  • New to Facebook
    When your profile is new or you just joined Facebook, you won’t be allowed to have access to this. They did it this way to stop scammers who their account must have been banned not to open another immediately to scam people.
  • Not making use of it 
    There’s something called algorithms, it’s a program used by Facebook to rank the pages, groups you usually interact with higher and in your newsfeed. So when you don’t make use of Marketplace it goes down by the left side of your screen.
  • You are below 18
    This feature is for those only 18 years and above.
  • You may have gone against Facebook Policy 
    The goods you want to sell may have been against Facebook Marketplace’s community policy, you need to visit the Facebook commerce policy to check and you can also appeal if need be.

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How to find Facebook Marketplace 

Let’s move ahead to the main topic of the day. If your country is among those listed and you are above 18 and your account is not new, then head over to if you can’t see the option.

My account is new 
If your account is new then you need to be active by commenting, liking and sharing posts.

Logout/Reinstall the Facebook app

If you can’t find it among the options you can logout and log back in. Another way is to update your app or uninstall and reinstall.

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