How to Download Facebook Story

How to Download Facebook Story

How to Download Facebook Story

Some Facebook stories are really interesting to have in your device. We all know this feature from Facebook only lasts for only 24hours and then it goes down. Facebook stories could be a video or picture, which might interest you so much that you want to save it and go through it later. This appears at the top of your screen in your Home page or Newsfeed, usually in square and circles.

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When you click on it, it loads and plays like a mini video if it’s a picture. While loading there’s no option to save this to your device and that’s what we are here to teach you.

How to Download a Facebook Story

This is specifically for those using an android device. Let’s get started;

  1. Go to Google Play Store.
  2. Search for Story Downloader for Facebook.
  3. Download and Install.
  4. Login to your FB account.
  5. Wait for app to find stories on you account.
  6. Select group or user has stories you want to save.
  7. Download photo/videos you want.

We believe you have learned how to download Facebook story.

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