How To Deal With Difficult People – 10 Ways

difficult people

how to deal with difficult people

Dealing with difficult people is not an easy task especially as we all have our individual problems to deal with talk more of dealing with an extra problem from another individual. No matter what you are passing through with such people you must try and understand that using force or anger while working out your relationship with such people won’t solve the issues the fact is it might even make it worse. We must also remember that there are difficult people everywhere and you are not the only one involved in this. Before we move ahead with the tactics involved in handling such people let’s take time to understand who a difficult person is.

Who is a difficult person?

This is the climax of this topic, who is a difficult person? a difficult person can be explained in different ways; it’s usually a person who’s relationship with people is not always a good one, he usually picks offenses from every little thing people around him does. Most times people see a difficult person as someone who needs psychological evaluation because of their behavior at times. The summary of it all is that their attitude is not always good and over 70 percent of them don’t even agree that they have a problem.

How To Deal With Difficult People

Pay attention at this part because it’s essential for this situation. Ever problem has a situation but what we are about to tell you may not be the solution but instead how to manage with difficult people without having much issues with them. You need to also understand the individual who is involved in this issue, if it’s your boss, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, father, mother or sibling, they all have different approaches.


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  1. Listen: tension must arise when dealing with this kind of people, so it’s advisable to give them a listening ear so their anger won’t get worse. When you allow them to air their views they feel so important, it’s not being a coward it’s handling a situation maturely.
  2. Be Calm: You could listen and still blow hot later on. Always be calm in your relationship with this kind of people it will help a lot.
  3. Tolerance: This seem to be difficult for many of us, tolerating someone isn’t that easy especially when you know you didn’t do anything wrong to them. If you lack this quality you might not be able to do the two points above, try and improve on it to help you deal with difficult people.
  4. Don’t Conclude/Judge: The human mind is dynamic, someone you admire or love so much might turn to the person you despise so much tomorrow. Don’t conclude that this person is bad because he might be going through some difficult times or emotional trauma that makes them act that way which you might not be aware of.
  5. Investigate: Try to find out what’s making this person act this way because this underlying issue might be the reason for his attitude. Finding the problem out and solving it might be the solution to his actions.
  6. Avoid Commanding words: Using commanding words like telling the other person to keep quiet or stop acting this way might increase this person’s anger. Tend to be calm and allow them to say all they want to say.
  7. Examine Yourself: Sometimes you might even be the difficult person here and you are busy thinking is the other people you come across. If you keep having issues with different people don’t conclude they are difficult people because it might be you or there’s a behavior you are exhibiting that keeps attracting the wrong people.
  8. Mind Your Body Language: When things gets tense with a difficult person don’t smile while he’s venting his anger or walk out on him.
  9. Apology: Sometimes you might have to apologize even when it’s not your fault to calm things down. I know it won’t be easy but you have to try.
  10. Talk To Someone: We all need someone to pour our hearts to, it might be a close friend, colleague or family member. Enduring all this won’t be easy, talk to some other person what you are passing through she might even advise you more on what to do.

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