How to transfer and increase FCMB daily transfer code limit

increase transfer limit in fcmb

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First City Monument Bank is one of the most popular banks in Nigeria known by its short form as FCMB. Having its headquarters at Lagos state in southwest Nigeria, it was founded in 1982 by Subomi Micheal Balogun. There is much information about them online in Wikipedia precisely but we are here to discuss how to transfer money using your phone.

How to transfer money in FCMB using mobile USSD code

To transfer money in FCMB and check your balance also, dial *329# and select the option for either checking balance or transfer of money, follow the instructions to complete the rest of your transactions.

How to increase your transfer limit in FCMB using mobile USSD code

There’s always a problem when you want to transfer money in FCMB and that’s the aspect of the transfer limit which is by default N5000 per day, we all know that is really poor when you have a lot to transfer in a day especially people we owe, bills we need to pay and many other reasons.

Now follow these instructions to increase your transfer limit;

  • You need your ATM card to start this process and it must be activated and have its own pin.
  • Now dial *329#
  • Select the option “*” in the options which is “Next page”
  • Then select option “7” which is “Other Services”
  • Now Select option “3” which is “Increase Limit”
  • Then enter your ATM card pin
  • Then enter your pin for mobile USSD code transactions
  • The result will be “your one-time transfer limit have increased to 50,000 per transer and 300,000 per day limit.
  • That’s all

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FCMB did it so for security purposes so it’s now left for us to change it to our own taste. We hope you have learned how to increase your transfer limit always visit 247howto for how to do anything and don’t forget to share with friends.


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