How to contact Vinted

how to contact vinted

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Contacting Vinted depends on the reason for the contact. There are various routes by which you can contact Vinted but whatever route you decide to take, be sure that it serves the purpose of the contact. This article carefully explains Vinted Company and the various ways of contact. It deals in Items like clothing, beauty, and fashion accessories.

Vinted founded in 2008 is a Lithuanian online fashion marketplace based in Lithuania for buying, selling, and exchanging new or secondhand items, mainly clothing and accessories. It is basically an online selling app and website like eBay, Etsy, etc.

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Unlike other online shopping companies that are charging their sellers for helping them facilitate transactions, selling on Vinted is completely free even though they have other monetization streams.

You may be wondering how they make money since selling is completely free. The company makes money via its buyer protection service. The buyer pays a fee to Vinted in exchange for services like customer support, insurance, and tracked shipping; Shipping costs; Wardrobe Spotlight (helping users boost the visibility of their items).

To make your sales on Vinted, simply download the app/visit the website, make a profile, list your items for sale and wait for the sales to trickle in. It is actually a good way to earn some extra cash.

How to contact Vinted

  1. For opportunities, send an email to
  2. You can also contact Vinted team; visit the official website and press the Contact Us button below to send your complaints/inquiries. Type your message in the box and include: Your Vinted username, Complaints/inquiries description, Username of the member in question (if it’s a transactional issue), and Other relevant information (photos of an item, proof of shipping, a screenshot of the problem encountered, etc.)
  3. Send your mail to the Vinted Company address below:
    Head Office
    Zirmunu str. 70
    Vilnius, Vilniaus Apskritis 09124
  4. If you have a problem with a seller on Vinted, contact the seller via private chat to discuss the order. Log in to your Vinted app and click on Menu > My Orders > Bought. Click on the chat box icon at the bottom right corner of the item’s picture. You can also access the chat from your order confirmation email.


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