How to screenshot on Assurance wireless phone

how to screenshot on assurance wireless phone

how to screenshot on assurance wireless phone

I still recall my experience trying to take a screenshot from my Assurance Wireless phone. Going through the phone menu and settings and searching for options of screenshots and other related searches, I became exhausted and decided to try other options like I was used to on my other phones.

You may be wondering at this point if I eventually discovered it. Well, I did. But I would also like to use this medium to tell you a little about Assurance Wireless mobile before I continue with my story on how to screenshot on Assurance mobile phone.

Firstly, Assurance Wireless’ goal is to ensure that financially challenged households stay connected to their world even in their limited status. To do this, the Company participates in the federal government’s new Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

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Currently, Assurance Wireless offers several different free phones, including free Android smartphones, to qualifying customers depending on availability. In the event where you are not qualified for a mobile phone, you can use another phone on Assurance Wireless.

Although selected Virgin Mobile phones may be used, Animal, Super Model, Blackberry® and Android™ models may also be compactible. However, for the best customer experience we encourage you to use the handset sent to you by Assurance Wireless if available.

Below are Step by step methods to take to screenshot on Assurance Wireless phone

How to Screenshot on Assurance Wireless Phone

  1. Long press the power and volume down button or and the hold the two buttons down simultaneously.
  2. This causes a sound like the flash of a camera while taking a picture. The sound confirms that a screenshot has been made.
  3. Release the keys.
  4. You will notice a picture symbol shown in the status bar which is an indication that the screenshot has been captured successfully.
  5. To see the screenshot, drag down the status bar at the top of the screen.
  6. You can also go to the phones’ gallery application, inside the Screenshots album.
  7. Tap to open the screenshot location, choose Screenshot saved.
  8. The picture is displayed. Return to the Home screen.

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