How to contact Koodo mobile

How to contact Koodo mobile

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We want to look at how to contact Koodo mobile. Koodo Mobile is a Canadian mobile telecommunication provider, to clarify things this article is for people living in Canada. One of the best things a customer love so much is the easy access to contact the company that provides them with services whenever they have an issue they want to solve.

Koodo Mobile has been in existence since 2008 and has since been doing its best to solve issues its customers face whenever they have one. Let’s see how this works.

How to contact Koodo mobile

  • They have a self-service option from the list of assisting their customers, you can follow this link to achieve this.
  • The second method is to schedule a callback with the customer care agents.
  • The last option is to chat with customer care. This depends if you prepaid or postpaid customer.
    For prepaid customers, you can use this link to chat with their customer care agent. While postpaid customers (if you’re on monthly service) can use this link for theirs.

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