How to add data to Lucky Mobile

How to add data to Lucky Mobile

Last time we wrote about how to add data to Freedom Mobile, today we will look at how to add data to Lucky Mobile. Before I continue, this article is for those based in Canada. Adding data on this network is known as Add-ons. When we say Add-one we mean to add data to the data you already have in your data subscription which might have finished. It gives you the opportunity to get more data without having to change your plan and can be added during your current billing cycle. Also bear in mind that once you activate this service it will be billed monthly till you cancel it. Let’s see how it works with Lucky Mobile.

How to add data to Lucky MobileĀ 

  • To activate this package you must have an account with Luckmobile.
  • Since you already have an online account with them, the next step is to log in to your account.
  • You pay $15 to get 2GB of data Add-ons.


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