How to contact Gumtree South Africa

How to contact Gumtree South Africa

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Selling/purchasing items from Gumtree South Africa can be quite easy but you may sometimes need to contact them for some other issues. This article explains how to contact Gumtree South Africa according to various needs/reasons.

Gumtree is one of South Africa an online markets for buying and selling goods both new and used. It is also considered an online advertising platform that provides users with a platform to find and advertise rooms, flats, cars, and houses. It was launched in South Africa in 2005 and is currently considered one of the top 10 favorite sites.

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Initially, the site began in the UK  but has increased its borders in Poland, South Africa etc. It also has an extensive social media presence with large followers on Facebook and Twitter. These social media platforms are used to communicate news and information about the brand as well as launch competitions and promotions.

Furthermore, the online market has a rating system, for buyers and sellers, which helps them improve their services and user experience thereby encouraging trust and responsibility.

How to contact Gumtree South Africa

Gumtree South Africa can be contacted via various means. These contacts can be made online and offline according to your preference. To make a contact, follow any of these routes:

  1.  Email
    Send an email to their direct contact at stating the reason for your contact. Ensure that your mail has a specified subject for easy attention and response. The subjects can be Query, Inquiry, complaints, etc.
  2. Website
    Contact via website might receive a faster response. Visit the official website of Gumtree South Africa, and click on contact us. You can also visit the help link or chat live on the website.
  3. You can also visit the Headquarters in Cape Town, Western Cape to lay your complaints if you are close. The Address for the Headquarters is.
  4. For news and information, follow the official Twitter and Instagram pages.



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