How to buy unlimited data on Telkom

How to buy unlimited data on Telkom

How to buy unlimited data on Telkom

Let’s teach you how to buy unlimited data on Telkom. Having data on your phone is cool, but from days to weeks you exhaust the data even before the subscribed validity expires. This shows the problem is not the daily, weekly, or monthly data you bought, but the data volume is given to you. We embark on so many things these days with our data, ranging from social media to watching videos on Youtube, this stuffs consume data a lot. Getting unlimited data is the best option, but how much will this cost, well brace yourself up because it is not as cheap as you will think.

How to buy unlimited data on Telkom

The unlimited data is divided into Unlimited Off-Peak Hours and Unlimited All Hours.

Unlimited Off-Peak Hours 

This costs R129/once off, and it offers 250 GB data at 10Mps and it lasts for 7 days. Later you get 50GB of data at 4Mbps, you only have access to 19 hours per day. Another is the one that costs R349/12 months, it lasts for 31 days.  The data access is for only the daytime period.

Unlimited All Hours

For Unlimited All Hours, the lowest package goes for R299 at 10Mbps, later you get 50GB at 4Mbps. The data lasts for 7 days but it is 24-hour customer access. The next package under this category costs R449 and the validity is for one month. You also get 24-hour access to your data in this package.

To see the full information about the listed packages, you can visit Telkom’s official website to check all the pros and cons of these packages and more.

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